Gallery of Glass by Susan Jutila-Walde

 Gallery of some of my past glass pieces.   My glass pieces can be purchased from this website: or from my separate Etsy Store:  SujuGlassArt, where you can view past sold pieces, customer reviews, and find a custom order button.  I only do pieces 20" and under on online orders.  Thank you for your interest in my Glass Art.

Branch Candle Surround

Water Reflection

Winter Berries

Dream Weaving

The Irregular Web

Pastel Light


Ice and Snow

Black Tulips

First Bloom

The Moon and The Bat

Glass Heart

Geo Web

Red Rose

The Eagle

Crystal Leaf

Midnight Snowflake

Apple Blossom


Double Web

Flowered Light Surround

City Rain

Crystal Tree

Drooping Leaves

The Rain in Rainbow


Bevels and Rainbows


Three Snowflakes

Falling Leaves


Leaf Table Top Night Light

Golden Circle



The Pansy

Rainbow Web

Golden Leaf

Gray Tulips

Palouse Sunset

Red Spider

Candle Surround

Native American Blanket

Sunset Tree

Spirit Bear Paw

Web Without A Spider


Blue Pyramid Table Top Light

Moon Star

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