SujuGlassArt and Lighting:                                        Art Glass In Pieces                                                         By  Susan Jutila-Walde

SujuGlassArt and Lighting is a stained glass online store with glass pieces made by Susan Jutila-Walde.  As a stained glass artist I spend my days in my home studio working with sheets of glass, experimenting with new designs.  Art and creativity give daily purpose to my life, every day is a new experience with new inspiration.  The craft of stained glass started in Egypt, then spread westward to Greece and Rome where it was incorporated into stunning windows.  With it's beautiful transparency,  translucence and/or colorful opaqueness, it is an unforgiving medium, once you score and break the glass you are committed to the color, shape and texture.  With many of the visual arts you have more flexibility, having the freedom to rework areas of your work before you finish the piece.  With stained glass you score, break and solder your glass and once your piece is completed, you hold it to the light, and learn from it.  I am always trying to improve; striving to grow as a glass artist with each piece I produce.  I work with lead came (Gothic window cathedral method), zinc came and leaded copper foil.  The leaded copper foil method was developed by Louis C Tiffany for his art objects.  Some of my pieces are strictly made with glass and lead came, while others incorporate or are made entirely with glass and  leaded copper foil.  Concerning my education, I received a Visual Arts degree in 1993 emphasizing mixed media painting and sculptural ceramics, subsequently my art aspirations were deferred in order to help raise two sons.  I started working with glass as a hobby in 2010.  Since then, I have made a plethora of glass pieces.  I mainly work small, most of the pieces I make are under 20 inches.  My artistic intent is always evolving, but I am consistent in my interest in color, line, texture, shape, form and light.  I try to combine art with objects blurring the line between utilitarianism, decoration and thinking art.  I hope my end product spreads light and color into the lives of others.

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